how to buy tickets to the eiffel tower without queuing

PARIS (Reuters) – A change in who gets to use the eiffel. tower decided this month to dedicate one elevator for those who book tickets in advance and leave only one for those who turn up on the day.Outsmart the other tourists and avoid the long lines at the Eiffel Tower! Buy your skip the line tickets for the Eiffel Tower from home and avoid having to queue up for 2 to 4 hours. Take the lifts to the second floor and enjoy the amazing views over Paris.The only way to avoid queuing at the ticket office is to get an Eiffel Tower e-ticket from our online box office. You can buy your e-tickets a long time in advance (up to 60 days before your visit), and enjoy a pre-booked time for access to the lift (to the second floor or to the top).A trip to Paris is not the same without a visit to the iconic eiffel tower.. You are better off booking your tickets online to save time otherwise you could be queuing for hours. From here you can buy a ticket for the lift to take you to level three.You can buy tickets on the Eiffel Tower website up to two months in advance. In doing so, you commit to a specific date and time – so if the weather that day turns out to be miserable, there’s no way of switching up your plans – but you’ll gain access to the much shorter ‘Visitor with Tickets’ line.Visit Paris and expedite your Eiffel experience with these skip the line eiffel tower tickets. Avoid the notorious queue and enjoy spectacular views from the summit of the Eiffel. Get access to exclusive Eiffel combos – Seine Cruise, Louvre Museum, Catacombs and more.When you buy your tickets to the Eiffel Tower online, not only do you get skip the line access but you also get a guide. Avoid the hours of endless queuing by buying through our website. Avoid the hours of endless queuing by buying through our website.Tourists queuing at base of Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.. Take the stairs to level two, where you have to buy a separate ticket for the four lifts. But before 10am, the wait won't be too bad and not nearly as bad as down below.

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