salt free water conditioning vs water softeners not the same orange county ca water softener

For about the last ten years salt-free water softeners have become the dream of many marketing companies. It’s not like they haven’t always been out there – I’ve been in the water treatment business for 42 years and I have seen plenty of these types of companies come and go – but they are now here en mass.The crystals are heat resistant and do not fall apart under high water temperatures or passing through your water heater. This process is actually not true water softening, but "water conditioning." Salt Free Water Softener Advantages: A good salt free water softener requires no monthly maintenance or additional monthly costs.Water Softeners Vs Water Filtration Systems It may seem obvious to a lot of people, but when I first started my "water quality" journey I was a little confused about whether or not I should just opt for a softener or filter. If you’re in the same place I was, this page will give you some great information. salt based Vs Salt Free Water.It is a common misconception that salt-free water softening systems remove hard water minerals the same way that their salt-based counterparts do. Some believe that the only difference is that one uses salt, while the other does not. In reality, salt-free water softeners DON’T actually soften water at all – they condition it. Saltless Water.Another alternative to salt for water softeners is potassium chloride, it works for the same water softeners that salt does. For some levels of hardness, magnetic water softeners can also help. We hope that in our best salt free water softener reviews you have found the needed information.salt free Water Conditioning vs Water Softeners – Well these are not the same at all even though the both deal with hard water issues. Hard water is water that has high mineral content (in.A water softener that uses salt or a salt-free conditioner – What is better for me? There is no simple answer to that question – much of it depends upon where you live and your lifestyle. For example, some counties (especially in California) have banned water softeners, so you are limited to a salt-free conditioner, even if you don’t want one.

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